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01 September 2017 @ 12:23 am
my eyesight's never the same  
but anyway
what's eternity in the eye of a needle?
you are not
you were never
you cannot be in any of these places i thought you were
instead of looking for you, searching out the four corners, collecting each fragment
in yet another of my strange collections
instead of looking for you, i am trying to think like you
i am trying to make myself into you in some small way
because where do you go? where would you put yourself?
who would you make yourself into
when you wanted to disappear?

how would you disappear?

the answer is terrifying,
considering how you've answered it before
but i don't know
there's always another answer than that
except sometimes i don't know that there is
every question
every answer
every place in between
it's all the same

where did you go
where did you go
god where did you go

were you ever here?

i could ask these questions
i do ask these questions
i drain the light from the sky with these questions
i peel off my skin with these questions
again and again
the hard swallow of "eternity"

you do not answer

warm in the arms

of your beloved eternity
mood: rabbit rabbit