May 31st, 2001

into the woods

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From the swarthy and mysterious ~R~:

Woke me up 4:27 not one drop of water left in the glass by the bed. Where'd it go? Could be I drank it. And there's something in this room that shouldn't be, at least something that wasn't here before. The boy in the dream looked back with ~R~s eyes and wanted to know if I knew he'd come back, if I knew he was with me again, why I did nothing about it. I opened my hand and there they were: five crystals like the hundreds I found in the backyard in a dream from ten years ago.

What does it mean, that these themes have suddenly all looped? Nothing. These things get to third base but they never consummate. But for ten minutes I was a shakey fifteen year old not sure what was waiting for her at the bottom of an empty glass and
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