August 1st, 2001

into the woods

Wednesdays with Judy

"Judith, why are you labelling the fruit?"

"Could any answer I am capable of offering that question honestly satisfy it?"

". . . . right."
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into the woods

Wednesdays with Judy, pt. 2

"No. I am entitled to some kind of answer here. Why are you labelling the fruit?"

"There's a relationship between object and name I am trying to get a coherent grasp of. The name is not the object itself, but it defines the object, and speaking or reading the name to someone who understands it will conjure an image of that object in their mind, though the object itself may not necessarily suggest the name to them. The older an object is, the more known it becomes, and the more likely anyone you encounter is to know the connection between name and object--so what I'm trying to figure out is--does the object become the name, or does the name become the object? Am I Judith, or is Judith me? In the hopes that visual manifestation of this idea may help me figure it out, I'm attaching the name itself to the object. I figure, this fruit has had a longer time to let their names sink in then, say, a DVD player or sporks. The problem here being that--a marker forming some dark scribbles on paper taped to this thing is proving to be less and less related to anything as this experiment proceeds. I mean, a spoken word has the same problem in relation to a written one, doesn't it? So I'm writing down a concept devised to describe a spoken concept devised to describe an object."


"It's apples and oranges, really."

"Judith, why are you labelling the fruit?"