January 9th, 2019

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ritual for self-loathing

- chocolate
- lentil soup
- not enough water
- internet connection
- agonizing device of your preference/necessity
- endless fucking presidental temper tantrum

1. eat too much chocolate early in the day. also lentil soup. don't keep up with your damn water.

2. read an article about our national parks containing way too many instances of the phrase "piles of human feces." read several articles of this nature, in fact. keep reading long after you probably should stop.

3. goddamnit that this administration is throwing our national parks under the wheels for sake of public complacency. goddamnit that people are still going to national parks, introducing their shit and gods know what else to vulnerable ecosystems without protectors. i keep thinking of those kids at yellowstone, making a game out of shoving each other into restricted areas while their parents argued about what dvd they were going to watch in the minivan. i keep thinking about people trying to pet buffalo. i keep thinking about morning glory pool, all those miracles i will never witness; that we, as a species, will never recover.

4. i'm terrified about wild fires, also.

5. will we ever learn?

6. probably not.

7. goddamnit.

the ritual is complete.
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