May 8th, 2020

[rs] poor mom!

it's almost a normal problem tho and so weirdly comforting

this weather thing that's happening can seriously bite my pasty white ass

woke up with *that* headache took more oto meds than i'm generally comfortable with (meaning: almost the full recommended dosage! fun bonus feature of sensory processing disorder: don't know if it's because of that same interoception issue that makes me have to pee all the time when i'm activated or the power of suggestion but I GET AN ENTIRELY UNFAIR AMOUNT OF ADVERSE EFFECTS FROM MEDICINES and most of the time the game ain't worth the candle)

before i showered which helped a little was waiting on aspirin felt trapped in the worst part of the g-force loop on great adventure's nitro coaster

i hate the g-force loop on nitro

gotta make screen go away now kthxbi