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09 May 2013 @ 03:28 pm
visual journal 1: monsters  

completion date: april 18th 2013

text is from an incomplete mss explaining how a 13 year-old survivor of multiple instances of sexual abuse now dealing with puberty is not unlike a 17th century cartographer, as they've both been placed into the awkward position of having to describe landscapes they have no willing/experiential understanding of (here there be monsters, though i've come upon an unfortunate coincidence of titles and am really quite cranky about it, nuff said for now.)

of particular note is how unexpectedly painful it was to write in conventional cursive. i mean, i wasn't crying out with it or anything, but given how much long-hand writing and lettering i do on a daily basis, it was surprising how uncomfortable it was to write that little passage on the right. the shakiness of my hand was not an intentional effect, however it may fit with the theme.

(reposting as a backdated entry as the original seems to have vanished, maybe because of this. i'll take down the duplicate if it reappears.)