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07 December 2013 @ 06:36 pm
theft, and wondering around lost: histories, pt. three  
part one
part two

two years later, my third and final fall session at ECC as a full-time student, i retook the spanish class i'd failed the semester of my mother's cancer diagnosis. the first day of class, i looked to my right and there was mia. she looked less clean-cut and more professional. her face lit up upon recognizing me: as casual as i'd ever been, though a lot more dark--and we were quickly reminiscing about our shared first semester as if had been two decades, instead of two years, before. it certainly felt that way for me.

the raging success of that long-ago "pump up the volume" viewing had lead to a discussion of a regular movie night. we thought that, actually, it could be more of a club; one in which we shared not just movies we liked, but other media as well. mia dubbed the group "DeMiJuJu", taking the first two letters from each of our names. she wanted to get shirts printed. deacon agreed vehemently, noting we could affect the text with various accent marks to make it look exotic. she mentioned the movie group, still laughing about the idea. then, with that ecstatic darting glance that indicated she was asking about something taboo, she wondered if i'd seen deacon--answering my most looming question in a quick and disappointing stroke.

i hadn't. i felt bad, i didn't talk to june any more either--though with deacon, there wasn't any rage or chaos, just time and change. if i did see him, i wouldn't have quickly maneuvered myself in the opposite direction. i would have dashed over, said hi. asked about mia.

i had a boyfriend, now, and my non-school, non-work, non-boyfriend activity time was extremely limited to non-existent. boyfriend world was this entirely different experience for me, and not nearly as enjoyable as "single" world had been, though i'd be damned if i ever admit that to anyone.

"it'd be DeMiJu, now," i told mia, sadly, as this was well after my second semester at ecc.

mia was okay with that--she'd seen june recently herself. "lots of makeup," she said, uncertain. but DeMiJu still worked. we should find deacon, she said, at the exact moment i noticed her engagement ring.

"we should," i agreed, but we never did.

maybe he could have saved us from ourselves.
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