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30 September 2015 @ 08:43 pm
of course it was too cloudy for me to even see it.  

i mean, i kept it together. really, i did. even after it occurred to me that if i charged some things with the lunar eclipse blood- super- moon, i could charge many things with the lunar eclipse blood- super- moon, maybe i could charge all the things even; at one point needed to take my obsessive and somewhat inebriated youngerself into the bathroom, sit her down on the edge of the bathtub, and give her a stern talking-to. thankfully she got a grip so i won't have to be confiscating her necromancy materials again.

note: i don't actually confiscate necromancy materials from myself. not anymore. anyway i always found whatever i took.

that's most of my quartz (goodness i worked at that bookstore for quite a while) some of my moonstone and some appropriate feeling waters, oils, and herbs. the rosewater (so much rosewater! not enough rosewater!) is involved with a gift i'm putting together for my witches. i got all that stuff together, took it out to the balcony and sat with it for a while, thinking lunar eclipse blood- super- moon charging thoughts.

not pictured: the gallon jug of charged distilled water i've got too many and not enough ideas for.

also pictured: my zazen bench (from the bookstore!).

also pictured: man, does that drape i'm using ever clash with the carpet.

also pictured: that orange chair in the back? it matched the majority of the carpeting in the house i grew up in. every common space except the living room/kitchen, and the kitchen was surrounded by matching orange blinds. that orange carpet, it even coated the stairway. think about it: that's a lot of orange. and then there's this: my chair is a much more subtle shade. yeah. i love my orange chair, but not because it is orange. to be honest, i've harbored deeply conflicted feelings about the color orange for most of my adult life.

i have annointed myself with my charged florida water and put some of my charged neroli water in my juice last night. as yet, i do not appear to be able to levitate.

note: tongue-in-cheek, levitation was never the intent of this exercise. maybe transmogrification, but that falls under tacere law, for now.

note: one should not put nearly as much neroli water as one likes to put rosewater in one's tea/juice/soda as it ends up being a little more like drinking soap than it really should be.
mood: abandoned playgrounds
music: jeff pearce - abandoned playgrounds