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15 November 2015 @ 05:13 pm

edit: shoot! i forgot to mention cayenne, to taste, along with the other spices. i don't use a lot in this one. maybe a quarter tsp - just 'cos it can overwhelm the other flavors pretty easily.

makes 4 servings, give or take.

witch group tonight and dinner on witch group night is often a little odd. ben wondered if maybe we could do this dish, a recent favorite. but then he wanted to know where the recipe lives and, um, see, two cookbooks and my brain is where this recipe lives. so i wrote this out for him and thought livejournal might be interested.

for the roasted cumin/coriander mixture, i'll put equal parts of both into a dry pan, turn on the heat to medium, and gently shake it over the burner for a couple minutes, until it starts to smell roasty. a little burned is usually fine, charcoal not so much, plus you'll set off the fire detectors, bub. then i grind the seeds into a powder with the mortar and pestle. if i can deal with the sound of the grinding, that day. otherwise i put it into the bowl, give it to ben and leave the room until he's done, because i have such luxuries.

blargh. tomorrow it begins.
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