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25 November 2015 @ 07:50 pm
incense and radiology waivers  
"Congratulations. You just used 300 Plenti points at Rite Aid. We hope you had as much fun using them as you did earning them."

yeah. weirdest email i've ever gotten from a drugstore. and the same to you, rite aid!


recent rite aid purchase

  • synthroid 137mg, 30 count (completed at pharmacy counter)
  • earliest plausible detection rite aid brand pregnancy test, 2 count
  • bic disposable cigarette lighter, red
  • apex deluxe pill splitter
  • metallic sharpies, 3 count
  • johnson & johnson mint waxed dental floss, 200 yards
  • sparkly blue glow-in-the-dark nail polish in a pumpkin-shaped bottle (75% off!)

  • which isn't that impressive, as far as uncurated drugstore combinations go, but i got that same weird look from the clerk when the pregnancy test went on the checkout counter that i always get when putting a pregnancy test on a checkout counter. it's like, what do you think you need that for? i would figure it for confirmation bias, but once i watched another friend buy one, and it was so surreal: there was this happy little "how exciting for you!" smile exchanged between her and the clerk. then again, friend had a decent sized rock on her hand and wasn't getting carded for a cigarette lighter in the same purchase. (they card for those, now?!)

    i almost said "it's not what you think," but then i didn't. in all honesty, she seemed like someone who needed to live with that mystery.
    music: jah wobble & marconi union - reality crash