selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
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public speaking escapes me

water invocation for winter solstice ritual, 12/19/2015

water that defines us,
water that embodies us,
water that reflects us back to ourselves;

water that moves us,
water that moves through us,
water that moves us toward the other in joining;

welcome rain, the passionate reach of the goddess,
welcome sea, the mirror offering her back to herself in ecstasy,
welcome storm, our passions churning, roaring, purifying;

the tides of our water
water drawing water to itself
drawn together in the tides of joining
we are water, water flowing
water whispering, water singing its one note song
water screaming, water bursting
its cacophony at every frequency;

be with us, water, as we pool together
in this working tonight.

solstice blessings.
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