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06 January 2016 @ 02:38 pm
it is time to put your clothes on and to face the world  
the boil down: it isn't thyroid tissue, which means i won't need surgery at this point in time. however, she's still not sure what's going on. she has a theory, so i'll be getting more blood drawn in the near future. for the record, i know this is pretty damn good news but i'm still... cramping my way out of three months in crash position and suffering from severe qualifier fatigue, so my response is kind of muted right now. text below.

Subject: A secure message from your provider's office
Message: Lab/Pathology Results


I apologize for the delay; results have been coming back slow this past month.

I did get the results of the pathology and TG levels. The good news is that of the 3 areas I sampled, the TG level came back very low. In addition, the pathology of the lymph node didn't show anything to suggest thyroid.

I have discussed your case with others in my group and 1 possibility is that you may have an antibody that is making the TG level falsely positive. This would explain why the level is just slightly elevated and why the previous scan was negative. There is a lab in California (USC) that specializes in these type of antibodies. I'd like to send a sample there for both a repeat TG level as well as some specific antibodies that I have in mind. We can draw it here in the office and send it out. Call/email my secretary to schedule a lab visit and I will be in touch when I get the results.
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selva oscuraanonymousblack on January 7th, 2016 08:59 pm (UTC)
yeah. i actually had one of those little happy moments i'd been missing last night when i went to have some store-bought hummus and realized i wouldn't have to do a hormone crash and all that agonizing food shopping for the LID, something that'd happen after weeks of prepping for and recovering from surgery. whoohoo. because, honestly? only thing THAT has going for it is that it isn't chemo. o_O

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