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13 April 2016 @ 08:35 pm
as above  
it's been two full years since i offered some shrine cabinet themed altar porn.
and this one actually gets a tiny little bit porny!
everybody wins.

i'd offer some detail shots but i took this one and my battery tanked.
strange week, so far. not the best week, so far.
i'd say i've got a cold but then sometimes i don't.
there is a slight possibility that my endocrinologist is distributing my blood on the black market.
which you know, man, if i'd known there was a demand? i could've used that cash.
music: baltimore
Vicki: Our Lady of Lavangdaisydumont on April 14th, 2016 01:45 am (UTC)
Is that Ceres off to the mid-left? A friend of mine in Indianapolis, when I was last there several years ago, paid (tons of money) for an hour of time for me with his favorite psychic, not my usual thing but extremely interesting. I'm telling you this because the atrium of her house (which was odd by Hoosier standards) sent me immediately into a state of some kind of altered brain waves: it had goddessy statues, the Blessed Virgin, a Sacred Heart, and other such items. The sense of peace was amazing. Again, I'm not usually susceptible to things like that, but once in Boston, I peeked into a barred-off room of the art museum at some enormous statues of the Buddha and experienced something similar.

Oh, I've read that Thomas Merton had a deep spiritual experience in the presence of enormous Buddha statues in Ceylon, very shortly before his accidental death in Thailand. There's something in those figures that communicates. Even those on your small altar!
selva oscura: lunar madonnaanonymousblack on April 14th, 2016 06:41 pm (UTC)
it's hecate, in her triple form. she's described as a guide, key-holder, gate keeper, and ruler of in-between places... i suspect the resonance shows, in my writing if not in pretty much everything i do.

was the psychic marilene isaacs kauffman? i totally put 'pyschic indianapolis atrium' into google image search because i LOVE to see other people's altar spaces. it's why i feed my own into the social networking vortex. i found a picture of her standing next to one of my favorite modern portraits of mary magdalene. who is another figure i've worked with, especially in times of grieving. my experience of her has strangely made me feel even deeper in connection to isis (who i've returned to, over and over, and who has repeatedly called me back when i've gotten lost.)

the pictures i could see of her space looked pretty brainwave altering to me, but i'm not going to link to the article because i wasn't entirely sure how i felt about it.

i went to a psychic once. i'd given a guy at the tea room i liked $5 to read my palm a year earlier and got so much out of that experience that i thought doing something similar would pull me out of the rotten headspace i'd been in. she was very nice and actually did call out some uncanny tidbits about where the ex i was negotiating some violent impulses toward (like i said, rotten headspace) was headed, with regard to the new relationship he'd just spent the last month or so bludgeoning me with (according to him, she was: "the goddess incarnate! who has totally succeeded everywhere you have failed! including the sex! why don't you want to look at pictures! can't you be happy for me?") otherwise the psychic lady and me weren't really on the same wavelength. she happily told me i'd already met the man i'd marry and we were going to have three children.

oh. three, you say.

you maybe see some books in there?

so i don't know. maybe for these things you should do a little more advanced screening than "see sign in unincorporated neighborhood on way to forest preserve. observe 'walk-in appointments welcome' sign and obey." it was a little pricey. i can't imagine i spent even near what your friend did on his reading, but, then, he probably got a bit more out of his experience than i did. and at least you got to see that atrium! ♥

connecting with the right statue can feel like reading holy text. there's this sort of stillness that opens up around it. i try to build on that energy with the altar space around it, though sometimes my rocks, bones, and shells steal the show... as they probably should.

thank you, v.

Edited at 2016-04-14 06:44 pm (UTC)
Vicki: Metatrondaisydumont on April 14th, 2016 07:02 pm (UTC)
Ah, Hecate! I thought I saw sheaves of wheat, but my eyes deceived me. :D

Yes, Marilene. She's beautiful, gracious, and extremely likable. She sort of channeled Gerry and my dad, which I was iffy about (but not rudely rejecting). What was useful was that, at the end, she had me stand while she adjusted the balance of energies around me. My aura, or whatever. She kept saying, "It's safe to be who you are." I go through life feeling entirely unsafe being who I am, so that was very pleasant. My friend is lucky that he even gets to socialize with her (though he still has to pay full price for an hour of her time professionally).

>connecting with the right statue can feel like reading holy text. there's this sort of stillness that opens up around it.

I think that's exactly it! A similar thing happened to me in one of the newer Smithsonian museums years ago. Down at the lowest level, in a small atrium (what's with atria?!), there were full-size statues of Kali and Shiva (I think...) that sent me into a definite other state. Now, I'm a Christian, if an extremely bad one, and it might've rattled me but didn't -- as it might've rattled Merton but didn't in Ceylon. There's something so real at work there that does not feel at all untrustworthy.

Your "lunar madonna" icon is beautiful!
selva oscura: magdaleneanonymousblack on April 14th, 2016 10:17 pm (UTC)
those torches can definitely read as wheat, especially with the bundle of maguey root right next to her.

having energy work done by someone who knows what they are doing is amazing. i'm glad you were able to experience that. back in illinois, i was in a women's group where we'd have learning sessions with different practitioners. so this one time i got some reiki. which isn't my trip, but i can appreciate it, especially as a way of providing energetic support to a trauma survivor who might (like me) be a little iffy on being touched sometimes. it's intimate, but not hands on. at the end of my session, the woman who'd been working on me looked me straight in the eye and said, quietly but firmly: "speak your mind."

whoa. yeah. schooled. :-D in my current community those tend to be when you start crying. at least get choked up. sometimes when you open the doors to those long shut up rooms there in the heart, swarms of allegorical bats can fly out at you in a panic. it can be a little distressing for everyone involved, in the moment, but it's often what opens up the next turn on my path, so to speak.

i think i'd like to meet marilene someday.

ooooh i wonder which smithsonian that was! the bma has an amazing asian religious art exhibit with a sarasvati carving that just ...sends me. i like just sitting in the space near her.

the lunar madonna is a russian orthodox icon i found... on ebay, of course... i think about ten years ago? i'd recently found this piece from the same vendor that made my shiva-shakti. i couldn't afford it just then, so i was intently hunting for a print of the woodcut it's based on and found the icon, instead. that all compromises should be so lovely! now i have both.

lol. i just went to add you to my craft-friendly facebook filter and found you were already there. different though our paths may be, we're definitely kindred spirits.
Vicki: corgan tea with supermandaisydumont on April 14th, 2016 10:25 pm (UTC)
I don't do well with speaking my mind, at all. :/

Googling shows me it was probably down in the depths of the Freer or Sackler. It's been so long since we went as a family that I had forgotten the names.

Ted and I went to the Walters there in B'mer once while he was taking a course on Asian history and art. The exhibit was thrilling to me -- lots of little shrines that closed up for travel, statues, etc. I enjoyed it way more than he did!

I'm glad to know you, Judy. :)
selva oscura: 402anonymousblack on April 14th, 2016 10:37 pm (UTC)
yeah, freer or sackler sounds right. we went to this ZOMG AAAAAAAAGGGHHHH WHY IS THIS NOT PERMANENT exhibition of japanese illustrated books going back to the 1600s at sackler a couple years ago. they had a koto performance in the central gallery during our visit. blissed me out for days. :-)

i said bma, didn't i. i meant the walters. but the part of the walters that feels a bit more like the bma to me. (bma was in easy walking distance from my old digs so i've logged quite a few hours there. now ben works around the corner from the walters, so he goes there on his lunch break sometimes.) that exhibit sounds fantastic. right up my alley. fingers crossed that they'll do something like that again.

the feeling is definitely mutual!