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write like you're alive anthology 2016


wherein among a delightful harvest of words from zoetic's premiere july creativity challenge, you'll find a selection from my in-progress books of truth, entitled "unknown pleasures." orpheus and eurydice pop each other's cherries in a basement on independence day in 1991. pretty tame compared to my sample for the atwood retreat, but that took place a good deal later in the relationship and, you know, pairings like that are bound to get a lot more experimental with the passage of time.

in other writing news, my poem "reliquary," featured in petite hound press's twelfth issue, was nominated for a best of the net award (talk about first times!) you should definitely read the amazing introduction petite hound gives to the issue, as i learned several things about this poem i did not know. i love it when people figure out stuff about my work and explain it to me. lot of the time i look back on something i wrote and am just all... yeah, hey! i sure did... write something there, yup.

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