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07 October 2016 @ 10:34 pm
tuesday night we decided to play cards against humanity. with just the three of us the game was going to go pretty fast, even with a brief beer spill break (i believe with CAH this is known 'baptism'), so we dealt in the cat and had her play by random unseen selection. i started hearing numbers about halfway in; when i pulled cards from her deck in accordance with the numbers our results were always more interesting. our last hand was a haiku. the winner, no contest:

...was the cat. it was both wondrous and hilarious, watching each of us realize this. we all kept trying to credit each other, and yet, at the same time, we all desperately were hoping that it was the cat, because what a beautiful fucking absurdity. one by one we realized that yes, none of us were claiming this haiku so yes, that could only mean one thing: it was the cat! the best haiku was from the cat! so not only did we get to realize this ourselves, but got to watch each other realizing it as well. the moment got exponentially better with each of those realizations.

meanwhile, bijoux just sat on the couch, purring like a coffee percolator, secure in her knowledge that she'd won CAH forever.

sometimes the magic really does leak into one's life in some very unexpected ways.