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17 March 2017 @ 08:32 pm
i must admit just when i think i'm king  

this week: unconventional methods of dreamwork
(tricking my way past a few blindspots?)

themes and lessons:

1. unperturbed reactions to water behaving alarmingly (see illustration, above)

2. incomplete/unconveyed messages that i cannot access and/or do not know that i already have

3. serving as a remarkably doomed insurgent, working forbidden witchcraft toward our cause (see illustration, above). little scared this one might mean i have an ego problem

4. i might have some issues with my family

5. there is a lot of stuff here that is explaining very nuanced information about energy work to me in a way that i might sometimes feel is pedantic, except that's one of the things that i fucking love about it? that it's taking something so incredibly abstract that you can't even explain to somebody out of the gate what it even is unless they've experienced it to some extent themselves and then there's not really anything you can actually explain. because if they know they know, and if they don't they won't, and that's just how it is, they aren't going to get it and trying to explain it is like trying to teach a dishrag to write in iambic pentameter. you aren't going to get past "this is a writing instrument that we call a pen" unless you are lying to yourself most mightily. that's the thing of it, though. you kind of have to lie to yourself a little for a productive conversation about energy work, you know? it's not like there's anything there. but, so, like, incorporating dumpsters as the conduit for making offerings of protein bars in a ritual which i am supposed to perform in the language of a canary, that intuitively speaks to you as something i'm not getting quite right in my magical practice, doesn't it? because it does for me. well, except the canary thing. that's clearly a red herring. it's also hilarious. i love when my brain goes that extra mile just to keep me entertained. which is a major reason i document dreams; this is entertaining stuff. you know. so long as i don't actually have to smell the dumpsters.

6. repeatedly the person who most wants to interact with me is never in the same room as me

7. like half of these dreams have something in them about buses. what does it mean

music: Ocean Waves With the Soothing Sounds of the Tamboura and Drone