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14 February 2018 @ 04:47 pm
you're wasting my time, just wasting time  
talking about the weather, navigating an unknown landscape by attempting to find familiar routes. people do have opinions about weather, but they tend to be fairly mainstream and innocuous.

oh, that weather.

how i do wish that weather were different.

no need to elaborate further, you know: i wish it rained here like in seattle! i could sure use another forty inches of snow! like talking about music with boys, generally it's best to not voice your shamed dissent on the matter, instead smiling in a non-committal fashion at your new acquaintance and letting them take the lead: so long as it stays about the weather. no need to tiptoe through the minefields of religion, civil rights, healthcare or consumerism.

of course, now weather could mean cornering yourself into a debate with a climate change denier, and we all know how that goes. what could be worse, that or a paleo diet enthusiast? is this the crowning achievement of my culture? taking away the one topic we could take up with strangers without the threat of yet again getting pronounced a radical satanic slut and run out of trader joe's?

we increasingly seem driven to isolate ourselves. vanish into our homesteads, our careers, our lifestyle brag blogs. maybe we want to isolate ourselves, protect ourselves from the "other," only combine with those who are similar enough to us to not cast doubt on our priorities, especially when we know, deep down, that our priorities could use a second look.

now, even with people i'd never expect to engage in social marginalization of this nature, there might be a continual process of limitation on who meets individual standards. not foodie enough. not christian enough. not radical enough. not slutty

mood: don't you doubt my 'slutty'
music: korouva - into the dark water