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through the wall something's breaking

clear passage, morning light, clear passage in morning light:

in the dream we are definitive, answers to the questions we usually pose.

in the dream, we arrive late. people talk about us as though we are not there, as though they know things about us we'd rather keep under wraps. a friend we want nothing to do with to has something to say and she says it, loud enough to be heard four tables away. because it is a dream, her information is accurate. because it is a dream you don't exactly understand what it is, but that doesn't mean you feel any less exposed. glasses clink. silverware is unfathomable. your sister calls the shots. i didn't know that you had a sister. neither do you, it's rumored.

in the dream, there's a duffel bag full of blueprints you'll need for the next stage of the heist. you are stealing, but only what everyone already knows is yours. there isn't much else to say about that.

in the dream you have no room for doubt. there are unpaid accounts and unchecked balances. absolute strangers authorized to use your debit card. you'd like to play the part but you don't remember the lines. or do you? you're always surprising yourself. you always seem to know those answers you thought were only guesses. have you heard anything back yet, your father wants to know. all of a sudden, out of the thin air, all of a sudden this is what you've always been here for. if you know it is a dream, your answer will bridge the gap. if you're lacking in lucidity you'll flounder like you do when waking. failure blurs your vision. it's just another speculation on an airfield in a trench coat.

the wind blows.

the plot turns.

you've forgotten the way of it but it's just the beginning: a trope within a dream, a scheme inside the mean our lips meet and part the great waters that complicate the passage.

in the dream we could have better resources. we jerry-rig a contraption from picture frames and microprocessors to convey our good intentions. people love you but forget who you are. people only suspect i am there. i open the door and find the package. suddenly there's a twister bearing down on your options and you had no idea but have known it was coming since the day you were born. did you know you were dreaming the day you were born? morning light, you say. passage

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