selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura


Oh, look. Anti-advocate Autism $peaks (please, do not ever.) made a fancy "awareness" day and it's tomorrow. Here's an excellent 2017 article by Emily Willingham writing for Forbes linking to all kinds of amazing follow-up reads on why you shouldn't drink the blue Kool-Aid and alternatives that engage the autistic community and could, as a side benefit, help you build into being an ally. By doing things like engaging with the autistic community. Listening to what autistic people have to say, about autism and other things, also. Focusing on acceptance, not "awareness." Working to practice acceptance, every day, instead of just wearing a blue lightbulb necklace on April second and tossing it in the trash on April third. Just, in general. Approach "awareness" campaigns with suspicion. They are almost categorically meaningless if not actively harmful to their purported cause. Ever notice how the people least likely to engage with such-and-such ribbon month are the people who actually live in that world? Why do you think that is?

And by the way. I don't have a super firm grasp on why the colored ribbon thing is such a huge and ubiquitous thing in the first place (some of that results from my resentment regarding the general uselessness of the overly complicated thyroid cancer ribbon, which by the time you've finished explaining it September has passed and your listener has wandered off to buy some breast cancer bananas instead) but my understanding is that ribbons are for diseases. Autism may be a disability - possibly because of an abled society designed against a neurotype it refuses to understand - but it's not a disease, so why does it have a ribbon at all? The puzzle piece thing is just... goddamnit. Rainbow-colored lemniscate for me, please. All the lemniscates forever.

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