selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura

therapy, man.

notes taken from this week's episode of justin sunseri's polyvagal podcast, which i recommend highly, all but that one episode. you know the one. why did justin think it was a good idea to interview skeletor? all the guy does is yell about taxes. plus? evil-lyn is the one with the trauma-informed yoga studio. anyway, the first five episodes (i link back to the first episode because i find this style of archive annoying to navigate on my mobile device, you can listen or download right there on the page and then click to the next episode without all that scrolling and "load more" business) are a primer offering theory and vocabulary for all the subsequent episodes. if you're interested, start with those, even if, like me, you think you know what's up because, like me, you've been researching adjacent topics for most of your life and have logged a lot of hours listening to tears for fears. then, like me, you can jump right to the "bad therapy" series because knowledge is power that can save lives, and no, it is not okay that you were treated like that by a licensed "professional." goddamn does there ever need to be more accountability in mental healthcare and related fields, especially as it relates to folks with trauma disorders. we are about to experience quite the overwhelming boom of such folk (fun fact: america has been there already, for oh, let's say, a good eighteen and a half years - what i mean is we are about to see a lot of folk slam into that shitstorm crisis of not being able to function because of unresolved trauma, and that's scary for me as an abuse survivor, because the most popular solution for that, to date, seems to be "drink, opine and shop yourself to death while punishing others for your pain," not "own your shit, seek out help and learn some emotional regulation skills so you can experience the pleasure of connecting with others in a beneficial way while there is still time") but that's mostly a rant for another occasion. for now, just know that it's very easy to listen to justin and mercedes and i've learned a lot from them.

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