selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura

i don't even know what day it is now

understand: i am who i am and i am proud of who i am. who else would i be? i wouldn't trade my compassion, creativity, authenticity, humor, insight or observational capacities for anything. not a trauma-free life, not confidence and self-esteem, not fully functional executive functioning, not freedom from social anxiety, not a bottomless trust fund and the deluxe rich-and-famous world traveling publishing deal complete with millions of adoring fans. none of that is worth losing what i've got. right now. back then. in any moment of my wounded and hungry history. maybe a wealthy and productive version of me would be more likely to survive a second trump administration, but that's another issue entirely: that's society getting it wrong, not me. the world created me, so the world needs me. just like it needs you. just like it needs all the other folks who've been silenced, shut down, and destroyed by greed and fear. we could save society's ass if it'd stop abandoning us in the margins, pay every full-time worker a liveable wage, make more jobs accessible for different kinds of workers, give us all access to sufficient medical care regardless of employment; ideologically, come out and meet us halfway. sometimes. we know shit. we've seen things. let us pool our resources. acknowledge each other. respect each other. make things better for everyone.

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