selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura

but the neurotypicals insist

you know who you are

this bob's for you

honestly one of the reasons i've been watching so many old sitcoms is because it's a no-social risk means of kneading the prosopagnosia: that semi-regular on the bob newhart show! he's my beloved doctor johnny fever! betty white i can witness at several points in her decades-long career, which is helpful because hair styles, cosmetics and time can really confuse my sensors. not nearly as much as context, though. do not ever expect me to recognize you if you spot me somewhere out of the environment where i usually see you. it's happened, but only in exceptional circumstances. usually involving name tags. i'm not being rude! it's just this random problem i have with my brain! i'm trying to make it better with old television shows! in the meantime, just walk up to me and announce yourself if you want to talk to me. say your name and maybe where we know each other from if it's been a while. please don't read anything into the facial expressions i make while i'm processing that data, because that's all that's happening. i'm figuring out who you are and understanding that you're happy (!) to see me (?!) the idea of people from my past wanting to talk to me is confusing and a little alarming. it does not necessarily jive with my traumatized version of reality. i need a little bit of time to reconcile such information. but seriously, that's it. just approach me. let me know you are there. let me be in the present moment with you, it will help me in more ways than either of us can know. one time penny marshall approached lou grant at a bar and asked him for a date, sort of. i had to watch the scene five times before i started seeing laverne defazio, but i got there, and i got there without alienating anyone or testing their patience. i'm almost to a point where i can occasionally recognize someone without hearing them speak (voice ID has been a long-term masking technique) ....but not quite, and i still pretty much never know the actor's name.

now if hulu would only pick up WKRP

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