selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura

i will make lists of

  • every word i can think of to describe language in an hour-long period
  • every type of honey i can confirm in production
  • television shows i have watched with some regularity
  • evidence of my autism
  • beloved stims
  • troublesome stims
  • instances of sensory meltdown
  • factors contributing to sensory meltdown
  • belongings in storage
  • gifts i have made, purchased or repurposed for friends
  • gifts made, purchased or repurposed for me
  • things that fill me with a warm sense of glowing
  • everything i spend money on in a month
  • things i would buy if i had money to spend
  • colors i would paint my house's walls
  • names i would give a cat
  • shoes i remember
  • things i have considered on nights alone in the dark
  • things that fill me with joy to discover in the morning
  • things i have tried to help me fall asleep
  • methods of protecting my work from distraction
  • the sorts of distractions i am wont to experience
  • favorite teas
  • ways i've made chai
  • behaviors that frustrate me (mine/another)
  • beds i have slept in
  • things that have given me warmth
  • candles i have loved
  • meals i have made
  • meals i could make
  • times i have considered surrendering to the desire to eat meat
  • situations in which i would seriously consider compromising my values
  • ridiculous matters i have become very incensed about
  • what i'd from the bookshop if money wasn't a concern
  • dubious wisdom
  • advice i've shortly regretted
  • questionable motives i've had in noble acts
  • revenge fantasies
  • what it would take for me to forgive _______
  • things that are beautiful from a great distance
  • things that are beautiful very close up
  • surprising places to observe the moon
  • better lists for a brighter tomorrow
  • hopeless anxieties
  • ways i would like to be proposed to
  • how someone can show me best that they love me
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