selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura

and where are the lilacs?

this is an incredibly important talk for me right now:

link on brach's website with free audio download and support materials: tara brach on the rain of self compassion

even if you're familiar with brach's R.A.I.N. recovery process, this is a useful refresher. she's added a follow up step, a second 'n,' 'notice.' it's her version of that aspect of neuroplasticity work that keeps snagging me: letting the good stuff sink in. i mean, basically this version of 'notice' is a slightly different, maybe more accessible approach to what i've sounded as the big takeaway from neuroplasticity work, the part where you experience the benefit of doing the work, but that hasn't made it any easier. being in the moment is hard. being in this moment is hard. i have no idea where i'd be with it if we weren't, as a society, putting on a non-stop no boundaries immersive theater experience of pablo neruda's "i'm explaining a few things," but, you know, that's the thing about consolidating intergenerational trauma going unacknowledged for quite so long. by that i mean: i have no idea what i mean. as much of this moment in history drags the old "those who do not learn from their history" saw, we're also in a place and time distinct unto itself.

and one morning all that was burning

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