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bright informational chain pulse shower

                  and then we get on with it
                           like we try to do
                           in spite of our mistakes
                           and horrible lapses
         in spite of who we weren't, before
         in spite of what we're neglecting
                                    who we're forgetting
                                    who we never gave a chance

you know it's always over like that
the next morning, another day, cresting
that hurdle like there's nothing to it
and the thing of it is: that's the fundamental truth
for whatever it is
calling the shots

         it goes on
         and it goes on
         and it just keeps going on like that
                           even when it doesn't go anywhere else
                                                                                 it goes on

i screw up my resources
i smear it all over with words
it's what i do
it's how i'd like to cope
         maybe i'd cope better in a surplus
         of cannabis-scale orgasms and cheese
         not at the same time. but
                           alternating could work

                  why is it always love
                  that hurts more than anything?

                           what else did i think would?

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