selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura

it wasn't like christmas at all

yesterday, at the behest of notification from local government, i installed the MD COVID ALERT app on my phone.


encouraged ben to do same, as he's the one who actually goes places beyond the building stairwell. i mean, i go for walks, i've gone for a flu shot, to the dentist and that one time the ups store? by myself? in a cold sweat the whole time? i think the christmas tree farm on tuesday was my biggest excursion this year, all the way over to taneytown. the place we've been going since before i moved to baltimore ran out of trees.

on the way out, we listened to an episode of wait, wait don't tell me from the second to last week in march, when everyone thought a whole month in lockdown was unbearable. there was one other car in the farm lot, a couple that was leaving as we got to the fields. for an hour we wandered alone through the pines. very 2020.

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