selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura

in the ocean, washing off my name from your throat

seven objects portrait, no. 3, december 31, 2020

infinity sign anniversary of my thyroidectomy. a lot of iowa here, too. marvin bell led my first undergraduate poetry workshop at uiowa in 1996. he passed earlier this month. INCARNATE collects his decades-in-the-making dead man series. marvin, you are remembered.

the backdrop is the olive green men's workshirt i was wearing in the hospital new year's day when they told me i couldn't go home yet (it also happens to be the shirt i wore home: it's heavy and soft and button-down, so i wouldn't need to pull it over my head). other objects are a copy of marvin bell's INCARNATE, neurodivergent icon 4:1 AGENCY - my first athame with a recently refinished handle, the ID bracelet from my thyroidectomy, the silver sanskrit ring i bought from a vendor at the student union my first semester at uiowa, a mason jar half filled with incense ash and a plastic monarch butterfly figurine.

blessings and healing to you in the new year.
Tags: sevenobjectsportrait

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