selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura

if it's not one thing

so the "maybe shingles?!" thing, still going on. probably not shingles, then. probably. shingles can be, like, super weird.

other theories: dry skin, scoliosis reboot, gallbladder....nodules, did we maybe both have asymptomatic covid really early on?!, strain, hernia, cancer.

doesn't hurt except in rare electric prickles, no visible rash, no fever, no gi symptoms, no weight loss, not really progressing, not going away (except when it's barely noticeable or gone). sometimes i feel like i notice it more after i eat certain things, but not consistently enough for me to discern a pattern. can't find anomalies in the region with my fingers (but my palpation skillset is limited.) sometimes it definitely feels like a neurological thing, other times it's gotta be skeletal, then i'm convinced it's a mass, still other times i wonder if it's just friction from my bra. liked shingles cos shingles can manifest in weird ways/it's along a band on one side of my body like that/also shingles is not cancer.

i do not like it.

i do not like it, but i have no idea what my level of concern should be. ben had basically all these same symptoms in september. he saw the doctor, got a sonogram, everything seemed okay and it went away after five weeks. i've been dealing with this to some degree since right before the election. sometimes i think it might be concerning, sometimes i think it's just a thing.

don't know when or how to talk to a doctor about this, don't really have anything to talk about except sometimes there are unfamiliar sensations in this part of my body but other times there are not and the location of the sensations are only broadly consistent and i don't have any other symptoms except when i might promise me it's not cancer?

because yeah. based on my year of undiagnosed carbon monoxide poisoning, when i at least had describable, consistent, progressing symptoms going for me and there were not super contagious variants of the surging deadly pandemic for which i will probably not be vaccinated until at least the summer i hope i hope i hope by then inhibiting my already handicapped capacity/desire to see extremely dubious specialists who increasingly told me it was either "anxiety" or "my imagination," that'll go SUPER WELL.

medical trauma is no fucking joke, folks.

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