selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura

a slate-gray cloud comes through the dust

such dreams i've been having.

sat with the shrine cabinet for a while today, dusted, cycled some objects in and out of view, made repairs.

more masking tape here than you could possibly know.

i'm proud of how much of my art, history and sacred work is present on this altar. i've been attempting to revitalize my journey practice so the piece i chose from my neurodivergent icon series crowning auset is the station for journey. i also reworked the athame on the right as part of the icon series - a tangible act of soul retrieval that is still in process.

i want something for the shrine about the brood x cicadas but i haven't found it yet. the population in our neighborhood is more dense than i've previously experienced, and with the heat these last couple days, they've become much more active. i haven't yet found my glowing green grotto of cicada drone, but hopefully i've got a couple months on that. i'd like to make some field recordings and experiment with the sound. maybe i can make something trance inducing.

i got a blutooth headphone headband from dormi. i thought maybe for sleep, but i might end up using it more with the weighted blanket for for relaxation practice or just.... listening to podcasts without needing to be so mindful of my phone. it's so weird to be able to walk several feet away from my streaming device and not have to deal with wires.
Tags: altar, cicadas, shrine cabinet, spirituality, visibility

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