selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura

i got nothing to say i ain't said before

well, you just guess who just got her ass plunged into months and months of advanced screening purgatory because she might have cancer again.

no! really! guess!

i ordered the halifax book a few weeks ago, when i realized one of the core issues driving my recent long term spiritual health crisis involved a chronically injured relationship with death. fortunately, it arrived the day after i got my happy news, when i was slightly less doubled over myself with denial, bargaining, rage, and despair all at the same damn time.

nobody really talks about the three or more all-at-once grieving whammy, but it is real. and exhausting!

hey! ya'll like, "is there anything i can do to support you during this time of layered and indeterminate difficulty?"

so like, money!

money would be amazing!

even just a little bit would help me with my synthroid copay or creature comforts for my approaching adventures:

thank you.

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