selva oscura (anonymousblack) wrote,
selva oscura

look right through me, look right through me

somehow i ended up in a private facebook community for neurotypical creative writing instructors and it is triggering as fuck.

i am dismayed by how many threads go back to "OMG, must semi-publicly shame student who is annoying me so bad with their [harmless/potentially beneficial but clearly neurodivergent behavior demonstrative of why student accrued that much more academic debt in the belief they might somehow benefit from taking this class which, regardless of neurotype, sounds like it ain't going to do nothing more for the vast majority of students than contribute to the reason they trade in written self-expression for variations on the agonizing "oh this dedicated creative writing teacher i once had! who so desperately wanted for me to be a writer(1)! but i could not do it, alas, alas! for i could not write to their standard(2)! and so now i do not write at all, for shame, for shame" monologue within the decade], any advice on how i can shut them down?"

dismayed, but not remotely surprised. i've been that student. what about you?

(1) ON THE INSTRUCTOR'S TERMS, which is a PROBLEM: many students take creative writing classes in the hopes of learning how to write sustainability, and that means helping them figure out how to write on their own terms. this means devoting resources to meeting your students where they are, acknowledging and honoring their existing processes, even being open to the possibility that students might have stuff to teach you. never just assume a creative writing student is a nowhere fool with their annoying love poems and "it was all a dream" stories. they're able to write that stuff, they know stuff, they're already writing. forcing someone who knows the basics around how to access their writer to start from scratch with a process that doesn't work for them can be incredibly destructive.
(2) the fuck?!

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